Javascript Animation Library - Only 3k (uncompressed!)
"Universal browser animation and games (inc. mobiles)"
"FAST! with no need for plugins. Even on IE6"
Number Balls:  
Yes! Even on many javascript enabled mobile phones - Try this page!
Animating all these alpha blended, glow effect balls is crazy enough in a desktop browser right?
I was surprised by the results when I ran this on my wifes old model of blackberry. It ran around 10 frames per second.

Why should you use this library?

As a game programmer, I started to re-evaluate options following the continued statements from Apple that they will not allow flash to run on the iPhone/iPad. (typical of apple's exclusive rather than inclusive attitude in my opinion)

I started by looking what options where already out there. Some were good, some where no so. Some had good points and even impressed me.
This was what I found:
  • All I saw, did not expose values for collision detection!
  • Many were much too large (and some part/reliant of large frameworks).
  • Many were far too slow (many due to the above).
  • Some smaller options did not support all I wanted.
  • Frame animation was often badly thought out (or not at all).
So I started to do my own tests...
The first thing that surprised me was how fast and small this could be. I started coding in the old 8-bit era, and have never lost the "you can do a lot in 1K" way of thinking. I soon had instances that out-performed my traditionally used methods (something I did not expect). Especially when used on browsers that support the HTML5 requestAnimationFrame addition, which is used by the library if available.

This library does NOT try to do everything under the sun or even make the coffee for me (so please donate me that coffee) it just does what it needs to do.

Just to prove you can indeed use this library to make games ...
Author: Aaron Booth.